Discover Sao Miguel's Past and Present at Solar de Lalém

Solar de Lalém, a unique retreat nestled in the heart of São Miguel, Azores, stands as a testament to the Azorean spirit of hospitality and connection with nature. This article invites you to discover how Solar de Lalém is the perfect base to explore the enchanting landscapes and rich history of São Miguel.


The Origins in the 15th Century

In the beautiful and fertile countryside of São Miguel, near the small village of Maia and nestled between typical green hills and the Atlantic coast, the story of Solar de Lalém begins. It was in this appealing environment that colonizers were first attracted to the area in the 15th century.

The 17th Century: A Residence for Captains

Fast forward to the 17th century, Solar de Lalém became a significant residence for captains of the King of Portugal, symbolizing its importance and stature. This era marked an essential moment in the property's history, blending the rich heritage of the Azores with the aristocratic charm of the time.

The Chapel of São Sebastião

A critical piece of history at Solar de Lalém is its chapel, built in 1687. Dedicated to São Sebastião, this chapel has been meticulously preserved in its original condition, offering a glimpse into the architectural marvels of the Portuguese era and the profound religious and cultural significance of the period.

Modern Day Fusion

Today, Solar de Lalém stands as a bridge between the past and the present. It is more than just a place to stay; it's a living testament to the rich history of the Azores. The resort beautifully integrates the comforts of the modern day with the echoes of its storied past, providing guests a unique and authentic living experience. Here, you can explore the depths of São Miguel's history, from remnants of Roman presence to the architectural elegance of the Portuguese era.

A Gateway to São Miguel's Treasures

From its prime location, Solar de Lalém offers guests easy access to the island's historical sites and natural wonders. Most popular amongst visitors stand places such as: Miradouro da Boca do Inferno (Scenic spot),  Ponta da Ferraria (Thermal baths), and the Chapel of Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Paz.

Enjoy Volcanic Landscapes and Outdoor Adventures

The resort is an ideal starting point for exploring the island's volcanic landscapes, including the nearby Sete Cidades and Furnas. The resort can give a beautiful guide on the best tours to these iconic locations, allowing guests to witness the island's volcanic wonders firsthand.

Immerse in Local Culture

Delve into São Miguel's culture and natural beauty from Solar de Lalém. Participate in local festivals, such as the Festivals of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres. The most important religious festivities in Sao Miguel and, as far as number of participants, the biggest festival in the Azores islands are held on the fifth Sunday after Easter. 

Explore the rich local cuisine and enjoy a delicious bolo levedo or the most famous dish from São Miguel Island is the beloved Portuguese stew known as cozido, also called Cozido das Furnas. The hearty and robust stew, consisting of a hodgepodge layering of cuts of pork, beef, chicken, sausages, and vegetables, is cooked in underground holes known as fumaroles.

Enhance Your Stay With Sustainable Tourism

Solar de Lalém's commitment to sustainable tourism plays a crucial role in enhancing your experience while preserving the island's natural and cultural heritage. The resort's eco-friendly practices align with the island's focus on sustainability, allowing you to enjoy the marvels of Solar de Lalem now, and in the future.

Take Advantage of Temperate Weather Year-Round

Solar de Lalém is a year-round destination, each season bringing its charm. The mild weather of São Miguel ensures a pleasant stay at any time of the year, with the resort providing a unique experience each season. 

When to come to Sao Miguel, Azores

At the hotel, guests can enjoy the unique aspects of each season in São Miguel.

The Azores islands have a temperate oceanic climate throughout the year. Temperatures do not usually go below 10°C in winter or be higher than 30°C in summer.

Summer at Solar de Lalém: the resort is a wonderful retreat after a day exploring the sunny beaches or participating in marine activities such as whale watching, plus it has a perfect pool to enjoy the quiet of the island.

Autumn's Serenity: As the island quiets down, guests at Solar de Lalém can enjoy the peacefulness of the resort, perhaps taking a short trip to the nearby trails adorned with autumnal hues.

Winter's Warm Embrace: During winter, the resort becomes a cozy sanctuary, offering a warm welcome after a day spent exploring the misty landscapes or soaking in nearby hot springs.

Spring's Awakening: Thanks to its beautiful and elegant garden, surrounded by vibrant blooming flowers in spring, making it an ideal base for nature walks and bird watching excursions.

Solar de Lalém provides a unique experience every season, ensuring guests have a memorable stay regardless of when they visit São Miguel.

Embrace the unique Azorean spirit at Solar de Lalém. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or an adventurous exploration of São Miguel's wonders, this resort offers a perfect blend of comfort, culture, and natural beauty.